Our clients inspire us to offer the best career advise possible.


Len Raney

Senior Executive 

The Job Helpers provided considerable help in refreshing my resume and cover letter. Their perspective and approach were professional, insightful and quick. The end products speak more effectively to my experience and aspirations.

Jim "Jax" Jackson

Senior Director

I would highly recommend The Job Helpers if you are looking to spruce up your resume' to get more attention from companies. I was given a free service from my old company to assist me in my resume, but The Job Helpers offered to have a quick look at it and gave me some pointers. From the small changes they recommended, I decided to become a client and am glad that I did! I feel that my resume' now has what it takes to attract my skillset to companies.

Daniel Denham-Trew

 Software Consultant

Had a brilliant experience with The Job Helpers. They offered me some excellent advice regarding my CV. Improving my knowledge and ability to optimize my own documents, in preparation for up and coming employment. 

Pat Riffey

Program Manager

Thank you The Job Helpers for enhancing my resume. With your help, I was able to land a job that fits my academic qualifications. I highly recommend The Job Helpers to whoever seeking their perfect Job. I got mine in 2 weeks.


Samuel T

 Systems Analyst

Even though I had the passion and the poise, it was tough for me to articulate what I needed to say in my resume.

The Job Helpers fixed my resume and put me in touch with several placement agencies that landed me a job in less than a week. 

Steve Revland


After 45 years of self-employment, I was looking to expand my horizons. I looked to The Job Helpers to write my first resume and help me find employment. Really glad I did.


World-renowned Furniture Maker featured in HGTV’S ‘Modern Masters'.


Ben Nicholos

 Sales Manager

The Job Helpers assisted me with restructuring my resume which provided me the opportunity to interview and accept a job I love!

If you are looking for someone who will perfect your resume, provide you with career coaching and be with you to answer your questions every step of the way, then you definitely need to talk to them.

RuthAnn Wicks 


When I received my updated resume from The Job Helpers, I was absolutely astonished. I read through it and thought to myself that whoever's resume this is, she is highly skilled and accomplished. Then, I remembered that the resume I was reading was mine and everything in it was absolutely true! 


William Wilson

Branch Manager

Within 3 weeks of getting my resume and cover letter completed, I had a job offer.

The Job Helpers had helped me in all aspects of my job search and interviewing and salary negotiation was where I needed the most help and they were exceptional in guiding me to make the toughest decisions regarding my career. 

David Stokes, MBA


The Job Helpers have been a tremendous help to me and for others on my team to achieve our career goals. Holding themselves personally accountable for the work completed gave me the confidence I needed during my job search. I found their experience with the job searching process exceptional and sharing new ideas on how to make me more successful certainly exceeded my expectations. 

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