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As a job seeker, you want to give a great first impression on your future employer. Utilizing our expertise, you can learn how you compare with others in the industry, competing for some of the same roles. We can carefully craft your career story to articulate what makes you uniquely valuable to your future employer. Our proven job searching techniques have benefited more than 60,000 job seekers worldwide, and our 2X INTERVIEW GUARANTEE has helped our clients get hired within weeks. 


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Chui Senanayake, MBA 

Founder and CEO

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According to many hiring experts, the average duration of a job search is 10 months. During each day, week, and month throughout your unemployment, you are losing pay, and this can add up fast. Our job search services guarantee you more interviews and better results faster. Even if your job search shortens by a week or two, you have already made money back in 10 fold. So, think of our service as an investment in your career and earning power!



Our "No Client Left Behind Policy" will help you receive twice as many job interviews!



Samuel T.



Job Search Assistance


"I needed help desperately to find a job. Even though I had the passion and the poise, it was tough for me to articulate what I needed to say in my Resume. Chui and his team fixed up my resume and put me in touch with several placement agencies, and that landed me a job in less than a week."

Project Manager

Nikki Stewart​



Job Search Strategy


"I was so intrigued to see the work and passion/desire Chui and his team put in to help me find employment in 3 days. With their help, I was able to proactively navigate to my dream position and to become the best version of me."

"Great people. Great work. Great Choice."


National Sales Manager

Susith G.



Interview Preparation


"The Job Helpers team worked on my resume, cover letter, content for my LinkedIn profile and helped me with interviewing. In a few weeks, I landed a job as a Manufacturing Engineer. They were exceptional, and the results were outstanding. I highly recommend them as they know how to bring out the best in people."

Manufacturing Engineer

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