Network Like a Pro!

Network Like a Pro!

Networking and LinkedIn Coaching (90 minute session)

  • Certified Executive & Career Management Coach working with you to develop your profile by making it SEO and recruiter-friendly.
  • Overview on networking fundamentals and training on performing Boolean searches to find influencers, and decision makers.
  • Provide meeting materials, a checklist and advice on how to nurture your network to become advocates for you.
  • Guidance on networking with hiring managers, recruiters, and potential employers by customizing your messages to them.
  • A step by step networking guide to help you to effectively interact with influencers on LinkedIn and other networking groups who can be a referral for you during your job search. 


    • Return Policy

      If you are not seeing results in 2 weeks, please visit with us and we will be happy to provide you step by step guidance with a more focused approach.

    • Installment Payments

      You can make arrangements with us to make installment payments, so please contact us to help you with the next steps. 


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