Keyword Optimized Resume

Keyword Optimized Resume

  • Resume with the correct keywords
  • 30-minute Discovery Interview
  • 30-minute First Draft Follow-Up
  • ATS Keywords Scan Review
  • Premium Grammarly Report
  • 40% interview guarantee (4 interviews out of 10 applications).
  • Service Timeline

    Once the payment is made we will kick off with an information gathering email. In the email, we will be asking you to provide job-related details such as 3 job descriptions on different job roles you would like to apply along with key metrics, KPI numbers, measurable skills, and qualifications. After we receive your response, the 7-10 day timeline will begin. Once completed, you will receive the resume we rebuilt in a Microsoft Word format so it can parse through ATS systems.

    Here is breakdown of the timeline:


    • 48 hours to research on your industry, roles you are qualified to apply for and the transferable skills that can help you find employment in related fields.
    • 48 hours to write the resume in a resume format that has delivered results with the correct keywords.
    • 24 hours of editing and proofreading to give you the edge in attention to detail.
    • 24 hours checking for validity of the information and scanning for errors in the document.
    • 24 hours on the final walk through improving the readability.

    Note: This timeline could change based on the additional requirements we request from you and the amount of research we have to do to hand pick specific keywords for you. 

  • 2X Interview Guarantee

    We want to make sure you get results, so, if you are not receiving two times more job interviews within 3 weeks of receiving your resume, we will continue to improve  your resume until you find results, free-of-charge. For you to take advantage of the 2X interview guarantee, you must notify us in writing within 3 weeks of receiving your final copy. 

  • Refund Policy

    All sales are final since our service requires a career coach, resume writer, editor, and quality assurance to deliver more interviews. Like many writing assignments, there will be multiple drafts and revisions until you are satisfied with the service. If you are not getting the intended results, we are happy to continue to assist you by improving your documents until you find employment, free of charge. During this process, we will ask you to let us know in 3 weeks after applying for at least 20 jobs per week.


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