Job Application Completion

This service will help you apply for jobs. 


Here is a break down of the service:


Option 1

We will fill out 30 job applications for a week: (You will receive one 30 minute session with a career consultant discussing the roadmap). 


Option 2

We will fill out 100 applications in two weeks: (You will receive two one hour sessions with a career consultant to discuss your progress)


Option 3

We will fill out 200 applications in 2 months:  (You will receive five 30 minute sessions with career consultant to discuss your progress) 


Option 4

We will fill out 500 applications in 3 months: (You will receive ten 30 minute sessions with career consultant to discuss your progress) 


Each of the sessions with a career consultant can be a topic of your choice (ex: challenges, wins, set backs etc.). Sessions can also be used to set up your Indeed, Monster or Career Builder job board accounts or to focused on how you can find connections in a certain geographic region to get referred for a job.


Additional Benefits:

  • Our job search experts will following-up with each employer/recruiters response
  • LinkedIn profile page set up, consulting and networking guidance
  • Weekly report on all the jobs we applied every day, to keep check on progress 

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