Five Steps to Shorten Your Job Hunt

Looking for a job is fun, said no one ever, as it could get frustrating or demotivating for many job seekers during a job search. Whether you’ve just begun to look for a job or been looking for one for quite sometime, here are 5 tips to consider on shortening your job hunt:

Describe the Role you want to be Considered

Spending a few hours on the internet doing your research could help you find roles are aligned with your skill set. However, it could be more beneficial for you to spend the time asking yourself what you actually want to do. What you feel like doing next and what tasks you want to perform. It is also important for you to realize that finding a job that fits your personality will be quite impossible if you have not decided what you want to do.

Get your Pitch Right

The moment you decide which role you want to apply for, the next step is to develop the correct pitch to convey that message to your employer. You will want to describe your background, skills, and competencies to prove your employer why they should hire you. It is also essential to keep things short and to the point. Statistics suggest that managers and employers spend about 6-8 seconds on reviewing a candidate resume. Therefore, it is necessary to have your pitch designed well which describes you, in brief, and this will indirectly prepare you to answer the apparent interview question, “tell me about yourself.”

Hire a Professional Resume Writer

How you communicate with employers will determine your pay and the longevity in the industry. So, is essential you seek professional assistance when developing your resume. A seasoned resume writer is aware of all the common pitfalls that most job seekers go through and they can help you avoid those costly mistakes. Plus, they can also position you to get highlighted as a top candidate for an open position. So, think about it as an investment in your career and contact a resume writer to help you through this process.

Setting up Realistic Expectations

Setting up practical and achievable goals for yourself is essential especially when you are going through the job searching process so a hiring manager can decide on whether you are a good candidate for their position opening. By setting unrealistic goals for yourself could only delay the timeline so, time management is the first step in the right direction. Also, applying for hundreds of jobs online is highly ineffective, so consider a mixture of job searching and relationship building for better results.

Gear up Your Network

Studies have shown that around 85% of all jobs are filled through employee referrals. So, it is quite important to associate with a circle of people who could potentially help you by influencing the decision maker at your dream job. You also have the opportunity to connect with peers or support groups through LinkedIn which can help you to learn about relevant job opportunities.

Be open and speak to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and friends of friends or co-workers from former jobs who could all have some critical or strong connections in helping you find your dream job as all of these connections are just a phone call away.

I’m sure you've got an idea of how to start preparing for your next job hunt. As the next step, schedule a FREE 15-minute career consultation with one of our job search experts who can guide you to your next career opportunity. So, go ahead and send us an email to and we will be in touch to help you find employment in days.


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