5 Signs Your Resume Is Selling you Short

You're supposed to have a resume that sells your value instead of selling you short.

Nearly every job you are interested in requires you to submit a job application. Your resume is your preliminary marketing tool and also the first impression your future employer would have on you. Therefore, making your resume stand out is critical to your job search. Below are some ways you could identify how your resume is selling you short rather than helping you:

Tip # 1: List of Responsibilities Rather Than Accomplishments

Even though you have years of experience in your discipline, this is probably an issue found quite often where professionals allow their resumes to give a potential employer a below-par impression of them. Do not restrict yourself by writing "responsibilities included" and then going on adding a huge list of responsibilities you held during your last position. All of the mentioned tasks have had a specific purpose, and that eventually became the impact you've probably had. Instead of including the new paperwork you proceeded with, maintaining personal documents and administering relevant benefits, it's better to write that you assured employee engagements and legal compliance by developing the best orientation program in company history.

Tip # 2: Failure to Quantify Achievements

Including numbers, percentages and examples could significantly increase the value of your resume. Within two pages if you explain about your entire career and make things more relevant and precise that will make a lasting impression on your future employer. Instead of mentioning "improved sales" try saying that you were capable of increasing the revenue by 35% every year and had an impact of profit maximization of 10% and that will get your future employer’s attention to get you an interview.

Tip # 3: No Mention of Intangible Skills

As quantitative skills play a significant role and so does your unique talents. Mentioning your intangible skills will help your resume stand out from other applicants. Do you pursue team building skills? Have you got employees requesting transfers to your team? Was your department one the lowest in turnover?

Employers are interested in your soft skills as that would be a crucial selling point during your job search so, let it shine.

Tip # 4: The Format is Unprofessional and Unclear

A resume that has not been formatted well and includes typos is probably not professional and would not convey a good reflection of yourself. No matter what position and qualifications you've acquired, it is necessary to take the time or invest in a professional resume writing service for better results. A resume should never be longer than two pages unless you have information relevant to a specific job role that needs a third page. Whatever your situation maybe it needs to look clean and brief. Make sure to include a summary that showcases your skills and attributes and use a chronological or skills based format depending upon your unique circumstance.

Tip # 5: Outdated Information

Does your resume has information about your high-school? How about information from a position you held 20 years ago? Having outdated information can be a costly mistake during a job search because that can potentially show your age and/or show an employer that you are overqualified for their position. Recognize how your resume is supposed to look like vs. executing the idea in your head because you might have an outdated image about modern resume writing process. After all, what's the point of having an impressive resume if it never reaches the hiring manager's desk? So, having the correct keywords to get past the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) should be a good first step in the right direction.

It's essential that you realize the power of your resume as it is the first impression your future employer going to have on you. A resume could open doors or keep you away from landing interviews. Therefore, it's important you give priority to its craftsmanship and build a perfect resume for yourself. Do you have a resume that is out of date and/or need a second opinion? Send us an email to info@thejobhelpers.com and we can help you with a free resume evaluation.


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